To set people free from money as a constraint in their lives and create wealth for them using a proven,
​world-class trade education system and a powerful self-leadership model.


ONTOTRADE is a revolutionary training system for any committed person, regardless of trading or investing experience. We teach our clients how to ThinkLive and Be an active investor with an entirely new relationship around money. This results in creating financial freedom (wealth) and an upgrade in the experience of the everyday living of one’s life (freedom from money).  

​How does ONTOTRADE fullfill on its mission?

ONTOTRADE teaches its clients how to access more power around money, independent of circumstances, market conditions or previous trading experience. All of our clients learn a new relationship with fear, money, and the markets. As a ONTOTRADE client, you will experience an environment of high personal-accountability, through committed relationships, in a supportive and collaborative community of fellow traders.

A new relationship with fear,
​ money, and the ​markets


Brandon Craig


Brandon is a master creator, listener and results visionary coach accustomed to working in high stakes environments. Prior to building his highly successful individual coaching practice he founded and grew a multi-million dollar industrial services firm.

For more than a decade, Brandon has empowered individuals to discover more powerful ways of BEING through his coaching practice and firm ONTOCORE.

He carries these methodologies to ONTOTRADE. His passion for helping individuals get maximum personal results in all areas of their life is at the heart of his work. His clientele consists of some of the most accomplished entrepreneurs and executives in the world.


Within the ONTOTRADE team, we have several trusted individuals who serve our clients as Certified ONTOTRADE Coaches. 
These are successful traders who have not only been through our training themselves, but also share a love of helping others
realize freedom from the pressures of money in their life. If you have been through our training and desire to become a
Certified ONTOTRADE Coach, you can contact us at 
info@ontotrade.com to request an application.


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