Step 1.

The first step is to set up your broker.

To make this process simple we’ve teamed up with

Please follow that link and “OPEN AN ACCOUNT” with Phillip Capital.

Step 2.

You’ll now want to create a Sierra Charts account.
Find <Account Management> in the top menu bar,
Select <Create Account>

  1. Sign the Denali exchange feed agreements here.
  2. Set up with Sierra package 10 here. (You may need to add credit first).

Activate the exchanges (we suggest #2 to get started). From here, please email Edge Clear and let them know you would like to be set-up on Teton Order Routing. 

You may then Download Sierra Charts.

Step 3.

Download the Files below. 

Chartbook & Tools


Note: You will need your personal Key # to access the Indicator, which you will find in your mail inbox. Once complete, schedule your orientation (also, refer to your inbox).