As You Begin

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Congratulations for taking action and joining us in the Smart Money Indicator Course.

You will shortly gain access to our proprietary teachings and tools, and as you begin, we want you to take a minute and slow down.

You may be accustomed to jumping right in, and while we acknowledge that your ambition will serve you, just stop for 30 seconds and notice yourself.

Notice how you feel and the environment around you. What stands out to you?

What you are about to learn will give you new knowledge about how to anticipate the market, but if that’s where you stop, you’ll miss an element that turns good traders into great traders.

Approach this course in a new way from how you’ve learned in the past and you will find a system that affects everything you’ll ever know about trading.

Here are a few important items you should know as you begin:

  1. You must go through each phase in order.
  2. Once you have learned how our indicator system works and have completed the trainings, you’ll be given access to the Indicator tool.
  3. Pay attention to your thoughts as well as what you learn during the training.

Go ahead and click the “Next Segment” button along the bottom of this page to watch the first video.

Some of the segments you will be viewing are dually used and pulled directly from our core curriculum, the online Create Financial Freedom Course. This means that you shouldn’t be concerned if the video references a previous lesson or shows a video segment number on the screen that you are not familiar with.