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Learn to effectively day trade


Engineered for performance, simple but effective, and configured for your individual needs. 

The power of a good trading Course comes from it’s ability to show you how to trade for you and let you create for yourself rather than attempting to follow another’s system.

We center our education 100% around helping you create your own rules within our powerful proprietary tools & mindset teaching.

Student Experience


“So far I have loved Ontotrade. They have just changed the way I live everyday. I’ve learned it’s so much more than just making money. I’ve learned the value of Discipline, Consistency and Mindset along with the SMI. It is real, not hype.”

Noah L

The ability to learn in a one on one environment and receive the exact coaching that I was seeking has helped me progress significantly! I value the detailed and daily approach to the education that enables me to learn at a pace that fits me.”

Sandy P

I have traded with Ontotrade leadership for many years. I have learned and used their abilities to envision market movements through candlestick movement theories, developed idioms, and market views, in all, to create a profit for myself while trading.”

Don S

I have been a Day Trader in the Stock index market for 8 years. I began working with the lead Ontotrade Instructor 5 years ago. The organization possesses remarkable knowledge of the Market movements and teaches a very accurate methodology. Words cannot express how thankful I am for all the lessons and skills that I have learned. I have been very successful! If you are looking to start trading or improve your results, this is definitely the way to go.”

Glen M

The Ontotrade program offers everything that I want and need to be a successful trader. Through the training program I have learned how to read the market consistently. I have also learned how to plan where to execute a trade even before the market opens and how to trust in my ability as well as trust in myself. The coaching is very professional. I especially enjoy the camaraderie with my fellow traders.”

Alice S


 Schedule a free demo and discover what’s possible in the market for you. See for yourself some of the most powerful indicators and tools in-action.

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